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Have You Tried Direct To Film (DTF) Transfers Yet?

They are an ALL IN ONE approach to graphic transfers on apparel and textiles!  By simply uploading your images to our template (GANG SHEET), you can swiftly order graphics with ease.

The process is fun!  We print your graphics with quality inks onto a special transfer film.  We then add adhesive and cure it, making it ready to be transferred to your garment.

When it comes to PRESSING DTF Transfers, a much lower heat is needed compared to other transfer types. This allows for more fabric blend options!

DTF printers print white ink which allows DTF transfers to be used on black and other dark coloured garments (which we readily keep stocked for this exact need).

What are you waiting for!  Try DTF today!


Full colour CYMK plus white images printed direct to film for easy transfer to any smooth, hard surface.

We absolutely love these for our Non Sublimation & Sublimation Products!  Have fun shopping!

Welcome to my dream!  As an avid maker for years, I saw repeatedly that our community lacked quality products and realistic pricing!  This pain point is where Painted Donkey launched from and continues to grow from. You deserve more!  Whether it be better products or better pricing – you’ll find it here!



Providing small businesses and crafters with high quality sublimation and vinyl blanks. We carry wood and aluminum blanks, tumblers, mugs, apparel, blankets, pillow covers, and so much more.

Located in Ajax, Ontario we offer in-store shopping, online ordering, and shipping across Canada and the United States.

We have the supplies to turn small beginnings into big things and big things into even bigger things.


Where To Find Us:

We are located at 293 Clements Road West in Ajax, Ontario.  We have ample accessible parking and seem to sit in quite the adored area for shopping!  If you’re from out of town, come visit us!  There’s lots of other things to do before or after your visit!

Where We Ship:

We ship everywhere!  Majority of our clientele reside in North America and widely love shopping BLANKS!  If you are unsure if you reside in a accessible shipping zone – send us an email!  Our team is well versed in all things SHIPPING!  We’d love to get you set up and ready to enjoy shopping PREMIUM BLANKS!

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