UV DTF Prints – 12″ x 16″

Full colour CYMK plus white images printed direct to film for easy transfer to any smooth, hard surface.

Ensure all images are uploaded at the required size
Click on the gang sheet builder button below, upload your png files, drag and drop them on to your chosen sheet size. Images will be printed exactly as they are uploaded and placed on your gang sheet.

Application instructions:
Cut around the UV DTF print to be placed
Slowly begin peeling the clear transfer layer ensuring the image is being picked up
Carefully place the image onto the surface ensuring it is exactly where you want it (it cannot be removed once any part of it has been pressed down)
Using your finger or a soft burnishing tool, begin in the middle of the image and smooth outward toward the edges left and right
Once the image is firmly in place, carefully peel the transfer film off of the item ensuring that no part of the image is stuck
Once the film is removed use your finger or a soft burnishing tool to ensure good adhesion

Washing instructions:
If applying UV DTF prints to drinking glasses or tumblers, items must be hand washed only. Prints are not dishwasher safe.


Click here to see how to build your gang sheets.

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UV DTF Prints – 12″ x 16″