Backpack, Lunch Bag & Pencil Case Set

Back to School Sublimation Set

Backpack, Lunch Bag and Pencil Case (available individually or in a set)

The white front panel zippers off for subbing

Recommended temp and time: 356F for 80 seconds with light pressure

*The recommended temp and time is a recommendation only. You may find other settings work better with your press.


1 review for Backpack, Lunch Bag & Pencil Case Set

  1. crazymama7979 (verified owner)

    Loved creating these sets love how the front comes off the back pack and lunch bags for easier pressing I did 360 for 60 seconds came out nice and vivid the punch bags are spacious with dro k holder on side behind the front flap of back pack os a secret compartment for extra supplies only down fall if you do t be careful on where ypu press the zipper latch will melt other then that fairly easy to press just ensure the zipper hatch is not getting heated

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