20oz Straight Skinny Sublimation Tumblers - Defective Coating

20oz straight skinny sublimation coated tumblers WITH defective coating

Straws are not included with these tumblers but can be added to the order through this link if desired https://shop.painteddonkey.ca/product/clear-plastic-straws/

*The coating on these tumblers was undercooked which results in a light transfer to the tumblers
**If wanting to use them to sub you will need to bake them in a convection oven for 3 minutes, cool and then apply sublimation print and then transfer as per normal
***These tumblers are sold as is. If choosing to use them for sub there is no guarantee the transfer will be as great as it normally would be. Perfect for glitter, epoxy, vinyl or as practice sub tumblers


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